Waste Water Gasket

Dimensions: 50-70-100-125-150-200-250


Most of the earth is surrounded by water. But drinking water resources are limited. These limited resources should be used in the most appropriate way without being contaminated. Polluted water can cause great hazards to human health. The use of this contaminated water caused the death of many people such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery, stomach and intestinal diseases. For this reason, clean water resources should be protected, dirty and dirty water should be removed in a way that will not harm human health.


Description: Waste water from various water drainage sites in buildings is called sewerage system, which does not damage the human health, but which has a drainage or settling pit in the places where there is no city sewer.

Properties of Well Made Wastewater

  • Waste waters must be transported out of the building without interfering with human health and not disturbing people.
  • Koku, Gaz ve böceklerin atık su borularında bir araya gelmeleri önlenmelidir.
  • The pipes must be air, gas and water tight.
  • The pipes must be durable and must not be broken quickly.


Drenaj alanlarından gelen kanalizasyonu bina dışına 1-1,5 m ileten boru ağıdır. Parçalar aşağıdaki gibidir;

Waste Water Main Pipe: It is called the pipe that conveys the dirty water coming from the columns to the outside of the building. The shortest possible way is to leave the building. They are usually tiled under the basement floor.

Column: It is the pipe that conducts downwardly the dirty water from the coats. It should be installed upright as possible ..

Floor Pipe: It is the pipe that conveys the dirty water coming from the drainage areas to the nearest column on the horizontal. Attention should be paid to the slope.

Connection Pipe: Connects the drain sites to the floor pipe. It is usually laid as 50-70.

Pneumatic: It is the pipe that is laid on the column from the top floor pipe to the level of the roof for half a meter.